WooCommerce EAN betaling

EAN payments for WooCommerce

WooCommerce til gls plugin

Core features

  • EAN as payment in checkout.
  • Validation of EAN number.
  • Validation in NemHandelsregisteret.
  • Option for reference ID. 
  • Sell to public institutions with EAN
  • WordPress translation standards, contains danish MO og PO file.
  • Developed after WordPress + WooCommerce plugin standard guidelines.
EAN invoicing

With the EAN payment plugin, EAN will be available as a payment method. This helps convert sales from public and private institutions using EAN as their preferred payment method.


As EAN numbers are validated you are guaranteed that the EAN credentials are correct, and you can easily invoice your customer using correct informations.

Validation of EAN numbers

With the EAN plugin a field for the customers EAN number will be displayed in the checkout page along with a field for reference ID of your customer.

Accept payment from public institutions

With EAN payments you are able to recieve payments from public and private institutions using EAN number as payment method.

30 days no-risk trial

Try our plugin in 30 days with full money-back guarantee. No matter your reason to cancel your subscription we will refund 100% of the price in the first 30 days after buying the plugin.


33 kr/month*

30 days money-back guarantee
Invoiced every third month (99,-*)

Yearly license

350 kr/year*

30 days money-back guarantee

*ex. VAT

Frequently asked questions

Upload the plugin in your WordPress/WooCommerce webshop. Insert your license key in the settings page. Adjust settings to fit your needs. We are happy to help setting things up. Read our installationsguide here

No, you will have to manually send an invoice for your customer using the details the plugin fetches. The EAN number details will be saved in the order details i Woocommerce.
For automatic invoicing an integration can be setup.

Opdates in the changelog

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