Changelog for GLS plugin


Fix small bugs around the license activate/deactive system
Fix update notice showing when no update is available


Use new license system
Improve Track & Trace UI responsiveness
Update translations
Additional bugfixes


Add settings link on plugin list.
Clean up Track & Trace UI.
Code cleanup.


Fix interline parcel type for private delivery.
Fix maximum allowed weight checks for each delivery type.
Bump WC compatibility to 4.9.


Fix WC deprecated notices.
Fix multiple issues with csv export fields.
Improve FTP and file export.
Add option to enable/disable SSL for FTP transfers.


Add WordPress 5.6 compatibility.


Improve security and reliability.


Fix labels being generated twice.
Ensure labels folder exists when generating labels.


Fix private delivery for Greenland and the Faroe Islands.


Use shipping name in parcelshop information when “Deliver to different address” is checked.


Use uploads directory to save labels.


Fix order weight being rounded down.


Make sure EuroBusinessParcel is used for private parcel delivery to Sweden.


Fixed deprecated functions.


Improved loader animation compatibility.


Changed name to GLS shipping for WooCommerce.
Updated translations.
Add label download security.
Remove legacy code.


Request resources via https.
Fix private parcels being created as business parcels.


Use comma as separator for CSV export.
Bump compatibility to 5.3.2


Fix invalid ISO 3166-1 numeric codes.
Update API url.


Use order number instead of post ID for label Ref. Nr.
Use getter methods to retrieve order data.


Fix error calling undefined get_plugin_data()
Display billing company name on return labels.


Fixed return label bug
Coupons offering “Free shipping” will now zero the rate for GLS shipping methods.


Minor bug fixes and improvements.


Added indicators for DK country code for both Interline along with Your-GLS.
Updated screenshot info for finding the GLS contact and customer ID.


Fixed an issue with translation on the checkout page.
Fixed an issue with private deliveries outside Denmark, where an error would be reported to the user.


fixed translation compabillity with wpml, when danish is default.


Added support for private delivery outside of Denmark.
Fixed an issue where track & trace ID would not be generated, if automatic track & trace mail was set to “No”.


Fixed issue with fields on CSV file.
Fix of issue with double call on webservice.
Tested with WooCommerce 3.0 release candidate.


Fixed issue with encoding on csv export file.
Added posibillity of creating own Track and trace number, ONLY if it is generated in another service (eg. GLS Interline).
Posibillity to create alternative consignor with CSV export. – Must be ordered seperatly.


Added option for return label.
Added filter to create alternative consignor in interline.


Changed messagages in settings area.
Remove notification of missing keys, if on boostr settings pages.


Different optimatations.


Added Company name on package label field “Name2”.
Added Address line 2 on package label fiels “Name3”.
Fixed Text Domain errors.


Fixed Text Domain error.
Added translations.


Added differentiated shipping.
added support for [qty] calculations in price field.


Different optimatations.


Fixed issue with removeal of license, in case of server crash.


Fixed some height bug on some ios devices, conflicting with height 100%.
Fixed width issue on large tablets, where the map would go out of screen.


Some of the texts have been rewrote to be more clear, and fixing some spelling mistakes.
Freeshipping is now, done by the the total (cart total price + taxes).
Fixed a bug, where a error message would be displayed on the order, if no track & trace mails have been send before.
Fixed a minor bug with the calculation when using a comma instead of a periode on the shipping method settings.
Added the option to change tax status on the shipping methods.

2.0.0 – Major Release!

Name change from WC -> boostr Shipping.
All the code have been rewritten.
Recreated most of the backend UI.
New UI for options on a specific order.
New Boostr Shipping Option Page with fans.
Added support for license keys.
Added support for GLS EU.
Added support for Track & Trace.


Added support for Track & Trace.
The track & trace ID paired with the label generated, is saved on the order.
The shopover can “manually” mail the ID/Track&Trace link to the customer, for each specific order on the Order screen.
If a new label is generated for a order, the new Track&Trace ID will also be saved on the order.
Will use the the email template for the choosen theme.
Added a History for all Track&Trace mails send to a customer, inclduing the ID of the label, date and time.
Added so the site owner, can choose for to automaticly send a Track&Trace email when a label is generated.
Minor bug fixe with resizing the GMAP have been applied.
Added loaders to diffrent part of the plugin – so its very clearly when the plugin is doing something.


Now supports shipping zones added to WooCommerce 2.6.
Recreated the layout for how the map is showed for GLS pakkeshops (lightbox).
Added missing translations to da_DK.
Removed & Added alot of options in the settings for the diffrent methods.


Trial notice now only shows if their is less than 14 days left of the trial.
The map and list of GLS shops now shows on a lightbox/modal box.
Fixed an issue with a the custom action to get labels not shown on the order overview.
Added a timer to the download button, so when generating a new order – its disabled.
Added a selected shop to the checkout page, so its always shown what GLS pakkeshop is selected.


added combiality for trial version.


Changed the check on company field with GLS Business.


Changed/fixed the way the checkout works with GLS Business.
Cleaned the settings page a little.


Added change of selected shop to map.
Added better view of selected shop to the list.


Fixed incorrect load of language file, after rewrite, and wp updates.
Added translations to da_DK.


Fixed bug with settings giving error, when there was none error.
Fixed bug with licence not showing properly.
Adding price settings, so a price based on cart price is possible.


Complete rewrite of plugin, and added private and business delevery methods.
Added changelog.


Start of plugin.